When it comes to our bathroom routine, some of us can become religiously dedicated to certain products or brands. But, changing your lifestyle means everything is effected. Even becoming vegan, a dietary change, translates into change for all facets of your daily routine. Zero waste usually starts in the kitchen and the bathroom, because these areas create the most single-use plastic products.

So, what can you do to change your bathroom routine?

My latest and greatest zero waste/vegan finds

Take a Look Around

I had to take stock of all my products in the bathroom and decide what needed to be replaced and what could stay. Not only did the products need to change, but parts of my routine did too. For example, I used the disposable cotton rounds and Neutrogena makeup remover to take off my makeup (Ew and yuck). I kept the cotton rounds I still had for rarer use, such as nail polish remover. Now, I use a towel, that I had cut into small squares, to replace the cotton rounds. After using up my Neutrogena, I’m going to try and DIY some awesome makeup remover (recipes welcome!).

It’s important to first recognize what could be changed so you can plan new buys on your next purchase. Also, the first look at your bathroom can surprise you when you see all the little things that use plastic or animal testing. Deodorant sticks, Q-tips, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and so on and so on. It may be overwhelming, but that brings me to the next point.


Use What You Have

You may find that you wish this lifestyle epiphany had happened 2 weeks earlier because you might have just bought something like a 20 pack of plastic toothbrushes. Well, throwing them out is counterintuitive. While it does feel like cheating to keep using up your old products, I find it more logical to at least use what you have to its fullest potential and then swap it out for something more eco-friendly. Try not to be too hard on your younger, naive self, when you look around your plastic, name-brand filled bathroom with wide-eyed shame. The most important thing is that you are mindful of your future purchases and find alternatives that work for you.

Finding Good Brands

Plaine Products Conditioner

Is your favorite shampoo brand still testing on animals? Which companies align with your values of cruelty-free, minimal packaging, and actually work? Sometimes, you may run into a brand at the store or walking down the street. I discovered the LUSH store while I was visiting San Francisco! On the other hand, I found Plaine Products through vigorous research into fellow zero waste and vegan bloggers bathroom product reviews. There are great companies out there! It ‘s just a matter of finding them and seeing which is best for your needs. A lot of DIY products work wonders, if you are feeling crafty!

My new best friend is the the sales team at LUSH because the are always helpful, the brand uses little to no packing, and most products are vegan. It can become more expensive when buying these products, but I personally find them to work much better than drugstore brands and last longer. But everyone is different! So read reviews and look around at prices to discover your new zero waste/vegan bathroom essentials.


Which brands or swaps did you find to work the best? What was the hardest thing to give up in your bathroom routine?

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