Veganism is more than a plant-based diet, it’s a lifestyle defined by eco-friendly choices. While avoiding animal products is a big step in the right direction, it’s can also be supplemented with other environmentally-conscious decisions. Using the name “The Redhead EcoWarrior” gave me an umbrella-term as start point for the several lifestyle guidelines I follow and provide information about the sustainability and eco-friendliness of products and food options.

Labels like zero-waste, minimalism, and veganism all fall under the same category: environmentalism. Although one term does not imply the other, the type of thinking is relatively the same. This means one person can be a combination of zero-waster, minimalist, and vegan, often starting with one and leading into the others.

I began my journey into environmentalism through eating plant-based diet. The research, documentaries, and like-minded people led to a domino-effect of lifestyle changes and left me somewhere in the midst of different labels. In the end, we are all eco-minded people working towards the same goal: saving the planet little by little. Nothing happens overnight, and my path has not been without setbacks and obstacles.

If you want to know more about how I got started as an vegan, be sure to check out my article “How I Eased into Veganism”.

Considering the staggering amounts of information in the world about veganism and its many facets, one can be truly overwhelmed when researching how to best fulfill an  encompassing vegan lifestyle. I certainly was! Not only is it overwhelming, but also pretty discouraging when it seems almost every option, including vegan, can still cause damage to the environment. For those of you in this state of disenchantment with the world and your choice to partake in a plant-based diet, let me try to ease your mind. A plethora of studies show vegetarian and vegan diets are significantly more sustainable and healthy than those containing meat. Go ahead, look it up, and then look it up again. If you are starting this new life, like me, then take pride in the fact that you have taken it upon yourself to do the research and be mindful of your choices. This alone sets you apart from most of the population feigning ignorance or truly living in it.

Through sharing my journey, I hope to encourage newcomers to continue along this seemingly-daunting path and gain confidence from the veterans taking their time to read my input and share their wisdom.